Reader has automatically author role OJS 3.0.2

Hey PKP-Team,

On a multi-journal installation (3.0.2) a reader has the options to register as author and/or reviewer for each journal separately. But when registering on the journal level as a reader, there is only the option to request the reviewer role. In this case, a reader, without the reviewer role, is automatically assigned the author role, with the according submission functions. Is this intended? Can this be changed in the admin settings?

Best regards,

Tahsin Özdemir

Hi Tahsin,

Yes, this is intended to make a more seamless submission process. I’m not aware of any setting to change this.

Hey Nate,

thanks for the response! In fact, the option “allow user self-registration” handles this specific case. I just stumbled over the submission button, which still appears, also for non-authors, but doesn`t work for the reader role.


Tahsin Özdemir