Read the pdf or XML content in the same page

Sorry for this silly question.

In some PKP pages, when I want to read an article it shows on the same page.

But in my case, when I try to read the pdf or the xml article, it appears in a new page.

How can I solve this?

Each article’s galley (like XML, PDF or HTML) in OJS has own unique URL (page)

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Yeah, thank you.

But I want this:

But my pdf looks like this:

What I have to do?

I’m afraid I don’t understand the question correctly. You want to do some theme modifications of your OJS instance? Also what OJS version do you use?

right now, when I want to see an article, it shows me full screen, i dont want full screen pdf reader

And what’s OJS version? I suspect it is 3+ and you are refering to the site with version 2+. The standard behavior of yours OJS version is displaying the article’s PDF galley on a separate page. In order to change this there is a need to work with PHP, Smarty templates and CSS. I can guide you through the process if it is OK for you to work with them.

I have the OJS 3.1. I dont know which version is the example site, but lets suppose that is the version 2+.

Okey, I have experience with php, tpl and .css files. let’s go!

The best way is to start making a child theme →

Then you can add a custom code inside main theme’s PHP class. For example, when the article page will be called, to retrieve the pdf galley and assign to Smarty template a link to it. Probably, there will be a need for additional checks for what PDF galley to render if there are several available. After this you can embed it to some area on article page inside iframe.