"QuickSubmit" plugin is supposed to be already included in latest OJS?

Dear Sirs,

I had read that after OJS 3.0.x on, the plugin “QuickSubmit” should already being included in the package and it should already appears in the Plugin list. Is this confirmed?
I have installed very recently the latest version of OJS (3.1.2-4), and I couldn’t find it already included. Therefore, I have manually tried to install it by downloading the folder from here (GitHub - pkp/quickSubmit), and placing under my FTP folders (“plugins” > “import-export”), but when I try to use it, the website just gives me a completely blank page (no errors showing).
Am I doing something wrong, or am I missing something?
I have also noticed that after having downloaded the .zip from GitHub, when I uploaded it on my server, the name given to the folder was “quickSubmit-master”. On a nominal level, is this “master” necessary, or is it a sign of a misconfiguration which could have been created somehow? I renamed the folder in “quickSubmit”, but still I am getting a blank page when I try to use this were useful, timesaving, more friendly plugin.
Thank you very much

Hi @leonardo.mancini,

See e.g. Required folder missing, quickSubmit Plugin unsuitable for OJS 3.1.2-4? [solved] for details. The plugin is not shipped with OJS by default, but can be easily installed using the Plugin Gallery.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team