QuickSubmit Plugin installation error

I can’t install QuickSubmit. There is an error that

“The tar command is not available. Please correctly configure it in your “config.inc.php”.”

What can I do in order to install it?


Hi @premolar

You are using OJS 3.0.2, right?
It seems that you need the TAR command/executable on your server and/or you would have to enter the correct path to it in your OJS file config.inc.php https://github.com/pkp/ojs/blob/master/config.TEMPLATE.inc.php#L436. – It is needed for the plugin package to be extracted and the files copied at the correct destination.
There is one more way to install the plugin:
You can get the plugin package from here: Releases · pkp/quickSubmit · GitHub. Unpack it i.e. copy the unpacked plugin folder quickSubmit/ into the OJS folder plugins/importexport/. Then run this command from your OJS folder: php tools/upgrade.php upgrade. But please do the backup first, before executing this command!!!


Thank you so much. It worked.

Hello, Sorry im new at this. would you please explain how to run this command?
for a beginner.please run this command from your OJS folder: php tools/upgrade.php upgrade .
Im using OJS Localhost . I installed Quick-submit manually.
but when i click on it it shows HTTP ERROR 500.

Hi @Younes_SAAID,

Someone will respond to your other post at QuickSubmit Plugin OJS 3.1.2 installed manual . errour 500. Please don’t post the same thing multiple times – it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team