QuickSubmit Plugin fails when uploading galley file

OJS, QuickSubmit plugin
At the University of Stavanger we have just got an OJS-server. The QuickSubmit plugin was installed and I wanted to test it. To enter metadata was no problem but when uploading the galley file the process comes to a complete stand still. Se attached screenshotQS%20plugin%20stops%20up. From this stage nothing happens.

Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong?

Best wishes
Per Kolstrup
University of Stavanger

Please check with your sysadmin do you have installed filefinfo php extension.

Please post php error log after you try to upload file.

Hi @perkolstrup,

Are you sure you have the latest version of the plugin installed?

Hi all,

FYI, I wouldn’t suggest installing the quick submit plugin’s current master branch – that’s unreleased code. It’s best to stay with the latest version in the plugin gallery. I’d suggest checking your PHP error log as suggested above.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for this peace of information. We did try to use the version from the plugin gallery but got this information: Plugins%20OJS%203%20UiS%20QS
We followed the link and installed the plugin. We need the the QS plugin but should it be in another version, and where can we find this version?

Best wishes
Per Kolstrup

Hi @perkolstrup

It seems like you are not accessing the plugin gallery as admin?

What code version of the QuickSubmit did you download? You should probably use this plugin release: Release quickSubmit for OJS 3.1.0 · pkp/quickSubmit · GitHub.


Thank you so much for all good comments and suggestions. Our IT-department has now solved the problem by installing another version of the plugin.

Per Kolstrup