QuickSubmit doesn't allow anymore to upload files?

Dear Sirs,

I am trying to use QuickSubmit but it seems to me that in OJS 3 this plugin doesn’t allow anymore to upload the articles pdf file? Is this right?
Is is possible to upload files within creating an article?
Thank you very much and best regards

I upload here for reference two screenshots in order to show what I get in the QuickSubmit page. I see no “upload article file” button anywhere! What am I missing?

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I have read as well the forum throughout previous posts, but I couldn’t really find one similar to mine.
I would like to clarify that I need to upload files directly into my journal, since all the peer review process will not be done through the website. So we don’t ask authors to log in and send the submission, then assign editors… all of this is not done through the website. I just need to import the articles directly into the issue, but QuickSubmit is not giving anymore this possibility, for what I see, as it was doing on OJS 2.4. Is this normal? I am using the theme HealthScience.
I am wondering if all of this is on purpose, meaning that you have decided to not leave this option anymore active in OJS 3, and to force the journals to use only the website procedures as for peer review.
Thank you again for your clarifications and attention.

Sorry to disturb again with this, but I have followed a useful video in order to understand the whole process: QuickSubmitVideoGuide - YouTube
Now it’s all clear to me.