Questions re: Publishing Using Issues

I am on the new editorial staff of a longstanding print journal using PJP/OJS primarily for internal purposes. We have recently published (in print) our first issue and would send all of its associated articles/reviews (not only the rejected pieces) to the archive. It seems that there are two methods for doing this:

  1. reject in-system even those articles which have been published in print purely for purposes of internal management;
  2. send all associated pieces to Publishing in a Future Issue.

So my first question is, is there another way to archive pieces that have not been rejected?

If there is not, then I have questions relating to those two solutions. With the second solution, it seems that Title and Abstract information is made available on a public-facing site (hence the term “Publishing”) and we are wondering if this site is truly “public” or visible only to registered users. It seems to me to be the former but I want to verify. If that site is truly public and available to all browsers regardless of registration status, we are wondering if there is a simple way to “Publish” only a table of contents with titles–excluding abstracts.

Thanks very much for your help,