Question about paid download not showing up in records

When someone pays in OJS for a document, their transactions are recorded under Records in Subscriptions / Payments.

Well, someone paid for an article, and somehow their payment was flagged as suspicious (got the unusual PayPal activity email), but their payment was successful. But now, they are unable to download the document they document after payment. When they try to download the document, they are asked to pay again.

Is there a way to remedy this?


Hi @newone,

With PayPal payment processing, a payment attempt either completes successfully or you receive a warning email that there was an error with the transaction.

I would suggest reviewing the completed_payments table to ensure that everything is correct. If you’re confident that payment was in fact completed, you can manually add a new row to the completed payments table for the user and article in question.

For article purchase, the payment_type column would need to be set to 3, the user ID to that of the user, and the assoc_id to the article ID that has been purchased.


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They payment was received.

It would appear the payment was not completed according to OJS. I did not see the transaction under completed_payments. I also received an email about the Unsual PayPal Activity. I do not know why it was triggered.

How do I generate the completed_payment_id?

Ok, I have created and it works.


Dear mfelczak,

What kind of entry would need to be entered for a customer that paid for an issue?




Did you solve this issue? I fixed this in 2.4.X

For what it is worth, what I did was go to PhpMyAdmin and looked for completed_payments table. Once I found that, I copied the last payment, and modified the row with the correct information. To make the changes, you will need the user id, article ID, and journal id.

If you are using PayPal, the order confirmation will have the name of the person, email, and item number. You can use that to find the article the person paid to download. To find the user, there are two ways. You look up users enrolled in the journal OR you can use Enroll Existing user in the system. I find that enroll existing user allows you to see all users especially those that registered, but not linked to a journal. Finally, update the row with article id, user id, and journal id and save. The person can then login to download the article.

It is a bit strange that this does not always work, and involves this workaround. It should just work as people that pay for an article want to download the article instantly.

Hopefully, OJS can fix this issue.