Question about institutional stats

Is there a way to get individuals stats for institutional subscribers? For example, an institution want to see traffic from the journal to their website?

Is this possible?

Hi @newone

Unfortunately OJS does not provide those statistics. You could eventually somehow parse your log files by those IP-ranges (if you have the IP addresses in your log files)…


Hi @bozana

Thanks for your suggestions. It is not practicable for institutional subscribers to look for their own IPs address in the logs. It would be great if there is a way for institutional users to login into OJS and see their own traffic from their user account themselves.

Does OJS logs IP address?

Hi @newone

Yes, we were working on better statistics…

If you use UsageStatistics plugin, you can define if the IP addresses are logged with the data privacy option. There is no other logging by OJS, just by the web server. If your web server (e.g. apache) is logging IP addresses also depends on the configuration/settings.


And how does one accomplish this?

Hi @newone, what do you exactly mean?

How do you do this?

How do you define the IP addresses in UsageStatistics plugin?

In the UsageStatistics plugin’s settings you define whether IP addresses are logged as part of the metrics. If the “data privacy” option is unchecked, IP addresses are logged. If the “data privacy” option is checked, IP addresses are not logged.

This option only affects the OJS metrics. It does not affect the collection of IP addresses by your webserver, if applicable.

Thanks for the clarification.

I have enabled UsasgeStatics and see the options for “data privacy.”

Is there an alternative way to do this especially if you have a lot of IP addresses?

Is there a way to provide the IP address that should be logged? Perhaps, when the IP access is initially created for an institutional subscriber. I am thinking it would be nice to put a checkbox next to each IP address and ask OJS to log it?
Is this possible?

I am only interested in the IP addresses of institutional subscribers. They want their own stats, e.g. traffic from our website to their own library website.

Any suggestion on how to do that?


The best way to do this will involve a substantial change to the way metrics are recorded. Specifically, the metrics table will need to be extended to handle one or more “pluggable” dimensions (that is, allow for grouping by criteria defined by a plugin). A plugin would then need to enable this new “subscriber” dimension based on the definitions of the Subscriptions module (still being rewritten for OJS 3.x).

COUNTER provides a natural format for output of these statistics, but this too would need development attention to make this happen.

I figured a plugin was needed and I was hopeful one will be developed and integrated into OJS. :wink: :grin:

I looked at COUNTER, and that would involve working with a third party development and having that integrated into OJS to get those individual stats. The general stats that were collected was not specific to any institution. But what we are looking for is a way to provide usage stats university x (or each institutions).


Yes, COUNTER provides the framework, but the OJS metrics do not currently support the subscription dimension. If you do engage third party development to extend support for subscriptions within the metrics, please consider coordinating this with current development efforts via code reviews and pull requests to the main repository. This enhancement would be valuable to many users.

What does this mean? What does not support the subscription dimension?

Please, clarify.


There is database table metrics which stores summaries of usage for statistical purposes. It does not have a column to group usage by subscription source. There are plugins “usageEvent” and “usageStats” which populate usage accesses into the metrics table. Neither currently considers subscriptions.

What kind of stats are available in OJS 3.0? What kind of stats are available to institutional subscribers?

Is it possible that a university will be able to get their own usage stats? By that, they see stats from their own institution.

Is this now possible?

Institutions want to see their own stats, and I think they should see their own stats in OJS.

Does anyone have a workaround for this?


This is currently not possible and I do not know about anybody’s solution, but lets see if someone answers here…

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It would be great if there is a way to produce institutional starts for institutional users.

Stats by institutional subscriber would be helpful even if only the journal manager could see them. The best that we can do is to use Google Analytics to approximate, but that doesn’t work well if there are two or more institutional subscribers from the same area, such as New York or Boston.

Did you implement stats for institutional subscribers?

If you did, I would to learn how you did this.

No. Unfortunately, there is not yet a solution within the OJS software. Within Google Analytics, we can see downloads by city/state, but that only helps in those areas where there is no other subscribing institution.