Question about Crossref-cited by plugin

we are using OJS, the scopus/crossref plugin has been installed and it’s set to crossref with the necessary credentials. However the cited by block does not appear.
As we understand even if the citation is 0, the block should show it, or it’s not shown since there is no citation?


Hi @Ana_N,

You are right, the block should be displayed even if the number of citations is zero. Due to lack of time, I haven’t tested the plugin with OJS yet. I will check it next week.

I performed a check with with an article without citations
Screenshot from 2021-05-21 11-57-24

Looks good with the default OJS template.
Which template do you use?
Are there any errors in the PHP log files?

we´re using manuscript theme. However just now I changed it to the default one, but the cited-by block has not appeared.
I don’t know how to check if there is an error in the PHP log files.

That’s weird.
Does the article has a DOI?
Because without a DOI the block is hidden.
DOIs are mandatory for this Plugin.

Sure, they have DOI.
We put the DOI in the source field in the metadata of publication, since the articles were published and registered in the other platform.
We also have problem with the DOI in the citation, because the block of How to Cite shows the site link instead of DOI (there is another open issue Problem with the auto generated "how to cite".

Does this mean that you’re not using the DOI Plugin of OJS?
Because the citation plugin uses the DOI which is saved by this plugin and usually shown in the article landing page.
The plugin does not use the source field to get a DOI, but I can try to implement this in the next version.

The DOI plugin is enabled, but since the articles were published, we needed to put the DOI, not to register it via OJS.
Does it mean that we must register the DOIs only through the OJS to have it included in the statistics and citation?
And when could we expect the new version?

I’m not that familiar with the DOI plugin workflow.
Maybe @asmecher or @NateWr can help out.
What I know is that the Crossref/Scopus plugin uses $article->getStoredPubId('doi') and I think this pubid comes from the DOI plugin. But I don’t know if this is only added during DOI registration via OJS, or if it is possible to enter this manually.

Hi @Ana_N, you can manually enter the DOI by going to a submission’s workflow, clicking the Publication tab, then going to the Identifiers tab. In OJS 3.2/3.3, you will need to create and publish a new version to edit the metadata, or unpublish, edit and republish the article to change the DOI.

We’re working on better ways to manage DOIs now, so from 3.4 on it should be easier to add DOIs to back-content.

You don’t need to register the DOI via OJS to enter it.

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