Question about a translation not being displayed on the platform: api.submissionFiles.400.noFileStageId (pt-BR)

Describe the issue or problem
When sending a .zip file, the system displayed the message “You must provide a file stage.”. Besides the Portuguese translation not being displayed, the publisher (and I) are in doubt as to what the error is.

Steps I took leading up to the issue
Submissions > send files.

What application are you using?
OMP (November 4, 2022 - 11:53 AM)

Hi @amandasramalho

Have you checked your server error log file and your log console browser? It may have further info on this issue you’ve reported.
Also, are you uploading a zip file to a submission as a article file?


Good idea to check the logs, I confess I didn’t think of that. I will ask my infrastructure team to take a look.

The zip is for uploading images. There are books with a high number of images and it gets very complicated to upload them one by one, so the publisher is doing tests by sending a .zip package. Isn’t this a good practice?

Hi @amandasramalho
If your server allows you to upload zip file format and this file size is below the memory/upload limits, it wouldn’t be an issue.
Have you tried to upload a single file image or a TAR.gz file with those images? Just in case.


HI @israel.cefrin,

In fact I did further tests and I think it was some lack of information on the part of the publisher at the time of zip submission. I did new tests and they worked. But the central issue of this ticket is still valid: the error message presented by the system is in English, and there is already a translation for the phrase. The system does not recognize the translation.

Hi @amandasramalho

Could you please double check whether your translation file has the following line:

This is the latest version published, if your local install doesn’t show it, you might download the correct from this github repo.


Hi @israel.cefrin,

The file in our system was not with the updated translation, we updated the file and now it worked! Thank you for your help!

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