Query email "Open Journal Systems Hacking Epidemic and Solutions"

on 28th January I received an email that starts as shown below. Clearly the author is looking for customers, but is there any real hacking issue that we should be concerned about?

"Open Journal Systems Hacking Epidemic and Solutions

With a sharp increase in Open Journal Systems (OJS) hacking incidents, the developer, Public Knowledge Project (PKP), faces a serious challenge to improve the security of its programs. …"

I maintain several installations of OJS and I have never had any security issue.
I would not take seriously such posts.

Best wishes,

Hi @twbaroberts,

We are not affiliated with that business, despite their confusing choice of name. OJS is secure without any third-party products; the claims of that message are misleading. It’s up to the user to ensure that third-party products are safe before installing and using them. Review the “Recommended Configuration” section of docs/README to see several important notes on security that will help keep your system secure.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team