Purchase Issues-URGENT

I’m at Michigan State University Press and we’re trying to finish up a development project with OJS and have hit a snag.

I’m using OJS and am attempting to create a payment plugin. We figured out how to add articles to the completed_payment log to grant access, but are having trouble figuring out how to process full issue purchases. Where would that information be entered in the database, and how?


Michigan State University Journals

Hi @Natalie_Eidenier,

Please see classes/payment/ojs/OJSPaymentManager.inc.php where you’ll find handling for PAYMENT_TYPE_PURCHASE_ISSUE.

You’ll find two methods there that should be helpful:

  1. createQueuedPayment
  2. fulfillQueuedPayment

If you search for 1) and 2) across the OJS source, you’ll see examples of where/how queued payments are created and fulfilled.