Publons plugin error


I’ve installe the publons plugin and followed the instructions of the github page: GitHub - publons/ojs_3_plugin: OJS3 Plugin for the export of reviews to Publons

But the plugin doesn’t show up… the step 4 on my submit module is not showing anythin… just an error 500 in the console and a blank page:


jquery.min.js?v= GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

My Logs are not showing any errors :frowning:

What could I be missing?

Hi @Juan_Lopez

A few points:

  1. Your logs would definitely have a PHP Fatal Error logged, if you’re seeing a 500 error. Please look again, because it has to be there.

  2. Since you’re the same person who had the other post about being unable to install a plugin and ended up FTPing up the plugin directory, I am assuming that the directory you uploaded was the Publons plugin. Keep in mind that the Publons plugin supports different versions of OJS, and so you need to install the verson that is correct for your version of OJS.

  3. Finally, the Publons plugin has its own database schema, and if you just uploaded the directory, the schema was probably not installed. To finish this you will need shell access to your server, and then run:

php lib/pkp/tools/installPluginVersion.php plugins/generic/publons/version.xml


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Hi @jnugent

  1. I’ll ask my tech team to support me on the logs.
  2. That’s exactly what I did and I think that I installed the correct version.
  3. I haven’t run this process… I’ll do it and see how it works.

Thank you very much… I’ll be in touch if I fix this issue with the schema installation process.

Ok, so the: php lib/pkp/tools/installPluginVersion.php plugins/generic/publons/version.xml fixed the issue!

Thank you very much @jnugent !!

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Hi @Juan_Lopez

Glad to hear it!