Publishing announcement causes content is wider than the screen problem in the home page and effect the entire pages of the website

Describe the issue or problem
When announcement is published in English and Arabic language the English website works fine but the Arabic website is affected with the problem of the content is wider than the screen. this problem effects all pages in the Arabic website as shown in figures below. To overcome this issue, I need to disable the announcements to return the Arabic website to the normal state. Error log file shows nothing about this problem.
Steps I took leading up to the issue

  1. Go to ’ Dashboard’
  2. Click on ‘announcements tab’
  3. Click on 'Add Announcement ’
  4. Fill out announcement in both languages ( Arabic and English )
  5. Click on ‘Save’
  6. See Screenshots

What application are you using?
We use OJS 3.3.0-14 with PHP 8.0.x

Additional information
screenshots of the problem:
Content is wider the screen in the Arabic website: Live

Content fit the screen in the English website: Live