Published article in journal A shows up as active submission in journal B (Closed)

Strange post 3.2.x upgrade error.

Several articles that are published, and show up correctly in journal A on the website, show up as active submissions in journal B. Visiting the issue in journal A dashboard shows the articles, but trying to view the submission takes me to the website with the message “You do not have acces to this part of the workflow” (my user has all roles). Trying to edit or delete the submission in journal B is not possible. Must have been assigned the wrong journal ID?

Seems I am unable to to ANY submissions for journal A using dashboard.

It sounds like things have gone really wrong with your upgrade. I can’t think of a circumstance in which that could happen. Do these same submissions in journal A and B definitely have the same submission ID in the list?


What version are you upgrading from? You might try going back and upgrading in smaller version increments, testing as you go, until you can identify which migration is causing the problems. Errors during upgrade are typically the result of unexpected customized data in the database, so that migrations can not be applied successfully.

I am an idiot. This turned out to be that someone else had submitted these articles as well as me (but to the wrong journal.

I still have problems with not being able to edit submissions in back issues though.

I can’t unpublish to edit, because there is no button to do so.

There is no user assigned to the submission stages (some of which are blank as the article was submitted through quicksubmit is my guess).

Also the file name under CopyEditing is ##common.file.namingPattern##(http://[journal]/index.php/TFK/$$$call$$$/api/file/file-api/download-file?fileId=2273&revision=1&submissionId=1730&stageId=4)