We are running version 3.4 and we published the journal. All went smooth, but now we might want to make some changes. I read that the journal can be unpublished. In my mind I could prepare the new files, unpublish and then after amending the files publish again after 5 minutes. A couple of questions if my assumptions are right:

  1. I can publish again with the same original publication date?
  2. Are there any downsides to this with regard to Google Scholar etc?

Yes - you should still be able to do this

If you don’t leave it unpublished for too long, there shouldn’t be (although I don’t know from direct experience)? From what I know of Google scholar it crawls sites weeks, and sometimes months apart, so, unless you’re leaving your content unpublished for an extended period of time, this shouldn’t affect things there.

PKP Team

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