Publish-as-you-go mode: Showing more than one issue on homepage / as current

We are planning on switching to a publish-as-you-go mode of publishing with OJS 2.4.6 (soon and would like to have each paper appear as an issue in the TOC (under CURRENT) and on the homepage - similar to the journal ‘Semantics and Pragmatics’ ( One solution presented in the forum as

is currently what we would consider but it does not make use of the issue number. Hence, the page numbers of each published paper in a volume become their primary identifier. We prefer to have the volume and issue number as identifiers and start each paper with page number 1 instead (like ‘Semantics and Pragmatics’). Is there an solution (plugin, code modification) available to achieve this?

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Hi @stefan,

You can configure your issue identification however you like, and the page number field can be used arbitrarily. Since article URLs etc. don’t include issue identification, you can move articles between issues as you like, and change issue identification arbitrarily. Does that answer your question?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Yes, thank you, Alec. We will find a way with your input. Best regards, Stefan