Publication date

I have a question about the CROSSREF plugin concerning the date of publication. Recently, at our platform, we have been uploading archive issues of our journals and activating their DOI numbers.
As a result, the date of the print version is for example the year 2000, 2001, 2002, while the online publication date is 2015.
Unfortunately, as the DOI number is activated, in an XML file, all we get is:

This may, therefore, confuse the readers, as it indicates that the original version came out this year.


This publication date will be drawn from the article’s metadata.

You can find it in User Home → Editor → Archives → [Select Article], then look under the Editing tab for the Scheduling section and the “Published” field.

If the articles have varying publication dates per issue, you will need to change them here one-by-one.

If all articles within an issue have the same publication date, you can reset them all at once:
User Home → Editor → Back Issues → [Select Issue] → Issue Data, then look for the option “Reset article publication dates” under the Identification section.