Public PKP Index or "OJS Usage" datasets?

I am looking for a metadata list of as many OJS instances as possible, in a machine-readable format. At a minimum, looking for title, URL, and ISSN (if available), but as much journal/instance-level metadata as possible would be great. CSV, JSON, spreadsheet, database, iterate-able API, all would be fine. My motivation is to find additional at-risk journals which don’t end up in things like DOAJ, and to run web crawls to preserve them in and OAI-PMH is great for getting direct article links, but it is also valuable to preserve journal homepages.

The PKP Index exists, and indexes over 5,000 instances, but I can’t find a way to get metadata out in bulk. Eg, I can view title, description, and OAI endpoint per instance in HTML, but not as JSON. There is also this listing, again not in a machine readable format (as far as I can tell):

The OJS usage page mentions there being over 8,000 active (for some definition) instances as of 2014, and there are nice plots, but I can’t find a machine-readable export.