Profile Image upload

One of our new journal managers wants to create accounts for folks who will be listed as board members; she wants to include images with their profiles.

The only image upload appearing on the create user (or on the individual registration) page is one that’s part of the Bio Statement box. This is a plugin that doesn’t work.

If the individual then goes in to his/her profile, he/she has the option to upload a Profile Image (works just fine); however, if the journal manager edits the profile, this option is not available. Is this intentional/an oversight/easy to fix/can’t be fixed?


p.s. We’ll do a “log in as” to solve the problem, but it is awkward!

Hi @nla,

That’s an oversight – I’ve filed it for attention in a git issue. Meanwhile, I’d suggest the work-around you’ve already discovered.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team