Profile headers in masthead


One of our journal managers has added additional groups to the masthead: in addition to the Editorial Team, there is a Management Team and an Advisory Group. “The Journal Manager creates titles and adds people under each title” was clicked off when the new groups were created.

However, when you click on a name in one of the new groups and view the profile, the header at the top is “Editorial Team”. Is there a way to fix things so the header reflects the group that the link is coming from?


This page title is controlled by the phrase “about.editorialTeam” in the file locale.xml.

You can use the Translator or Custom Locale plugin to change this phrase. Both are Generic plugins.
User Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Generic Plugins

The Translator plugin will operate on the Site level, the Custom Locale plugin on the Journal level.

This sounds as though we can change the header but there can only be one header for all. If this is true, I think our best bet would be to just take out the header completely. (Thanks for the info on where it is!)