Production editor has access to all phases of workflow OJS 3.1.1

I have created a user with production editor role but it has rights to

  • all phases of workflow
  • all users and roles, tools

I created custom role with access to copyedit and production but it cannot see any submissions.

I am doing something wrong?

Hi @Taz, according to what I understand:

A production editor is like the right hand for an editor journal or editor in chief so, he/she should have access to all process like you mentioned.

A user with a custom role with access just to copyedit and production can’t see submissions before this submission arrived to copyedit or production stage.

What is the function of this user? Because if his/her role is just to work with page proofs and apply the format to the article give access just after submission is accepted is the right behavior.

This makes sense to you? Or is not working as I say?

See Current Roles listing and user rights are not transparent and [OJS] Current Roles listing and user rights are not transparent · Issue #2849 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

This is exactly what I want. He should not be able to see submissions until they are in copyedit or production. But he cannot see if if they are in copyedit.

This user just looks after publishing after paper has been accepted.

Hi @ajnyga,
I say your links and remember the issue. Indeed, your last comment in [OJS] Current Roles listing and user rights are not transparent · Issue #2849 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub is not taken account yet “the production editor role is locked with only two boxes checked”… because this appears as you say in the new version.

@Taz I recommend trying this: not use a custom role, instead assign two roles to this user: Copyeditor and Designer

I am not able to try now, tell me if this works!

Yes, technically it does not matter what boxes are checked there, but the origin issue - misleading UI suggesting that the selections there actually affect the access of the editor roles - is still there. It would need either selecting those automatically for all the editor roles (some sql during upgrade) or removing those checkboxes altogether for those roles.

You could of course create an assistant role with access to copyediting and prodoction, but to my knowledge assistant roles can not use the “schedule for publication” action needed for publishing the article. I could be wrong?