Problems with the feature 'Editorial discussions'

We have recently upgraded to OJS and are having some problems with the feature ’Editorial discussions’. If we want to start a discussion we can’t see who the participants are – who we are writing to. The names are printed like this: ##submission.query.participant.Title##

Before the upgrade from we had no problems and everything was working fine.

Does anybody have the same problem and do you have a solution for the probem?

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That is Danish, right?

The string is translated for pkp-lib/submission.xml at ojs-stable-3_1_1 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

But not for the original release. The missing translation (and many others) for the Danish locale were added in the beginning on May 9 (History for locale/da_DK/submission.xml - pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub)

So you could just upgrade to or add the missing translation to the correct file.

Hi @ajnyga
Thank you so much for your reply. The language is indeed danish. I think we will go for the upgrade to and see if that will fix the problem. If not we will add the missing translation to the file. Thanks again for your suggestions.
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