Problems with sound and AV files in viewer

Apparently we can’t play our sound and AV files any longer when they show up in the PDF.JS PDF Viewer.
For example it applies to this article;
Have you any idea how to solve that problem?

Best regards
Niels Erik

I tried your PDF file in the latest stable version of PDF.js (1.3.91), and it doesn’t appear to support the embedding/linking scheme you are using. You might try inquiring of the PDF.js developers; there is current work on making embedded video a possibility.

If this is a blocker for you because of your journal focus, you will need to chose a different display method for your PDFs. (Perhaps even going back to the obsolete PDFObject if necessary?)

I have tried to disable the PDF.JS PDF Viewer Plugin, but the problem still there? And which viewer are you referring to when you write ‘obsoletelODF Object’?
Niels Erik

Is PDFObject not still available in OJS? There is a js/pdfobject.js file in OJS 2.4.8 which looks like the old PDFObject “viewer”.

Also regarding the obsolete status of PDFObject it seems the upstream project is alive again, a PDFObject 2.0 release has just come out.

Indeed. It looks like development on PDFObject is suddenly alive again:

I think PDFObject is still the default for OJS 2.x, but I think it was being replaced by PDF.js for 3.x. Perhaps with the resurrection of development on PDFObject 2.x, it might make for a good additional plugin. Can anyone confirm if PDFObject 2.x works with these embedded media examples?