Problems with some characters after upgrading from 3.2.1-4 to 3.3.0-15

I have an issue with some characters after upgrading our OJS from 3.2.1-4 to 3.3.0-15. It seems that the characters in titles and abstracts like apostrophes and en-dashes were replaced by question marks:

?Poza kulturową oczywistością? (2019-2023)

it should be: “Poza kulturową oczywistością” (2019-2023)

I have checked the Localization settings and everything seems to be right:
; Default locale
locale = en_US
; Client output/input character set
client_charset = utf-8
; Database connection character set
connection_charset = utf8

the active submissions I can change manually, but I have problems with already published articles - where can I change those characters without the necessity to unpublish-change-publish it one more time in OJS dashboard to not to send notification to the authors about re-publishing the articles?

The second problem is that I was trying to change question marks to dash (hyphen) and it works BUT changing question marks to apostrophes creates an error message about unknow problem and necessity to reload the page and try one more time.

Please help - it is important for us to make a proper display of titles and citations connected with that.