Problems Upgrading 2.4.5 to 2.4.7?


I’ve moved my whole OJS web to an AWS server in order to use the command-line commands for upgrading the web

I used the patch method and a lot of files were patched and then (the last ones):

patching file tools/importExport.php patching file tools/install.php patching file tools/mergeUsers.php patching file tools/poToCountries.php patching file tools/poToCurrencies.php patching file tools/rebuildSearchIndex.php patching file tools/ patching file tools/runScheduledTasks.php patching file tools/upgrade.php **ERROR: Failed to apply patch**

A decided to repeat the command “php /tools/upgrade.php patch”. It failed too because the whole site was in fact in the new version but the database was in the older version. I turned off the website as it shows the readme file and then I upgraded the site.

The web looks like always with no problems but I’m concerned about this “failed to apply patch”…

You can see the site:

Apparently no errors…

If you haven’t made many local customizations to the code, I would strongly recommend following the “Full Package” upgrade instructions just to ensure that your codebase is in line with the current release.

Alternately, consider comparing your install to a clean codebase to identify any wanted/unwanted code changes:

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Did you look the website?


PD: I did modifications

I have not reviewed the live website - it would be difficult to detect nuanced changes just in perusing the public pages.

With local code customizations, I still strongly recommend @asmecher’s suggestion of comparing your codebase against a clean codebase to ensure only desired code changes are in place. The message “failed to apply patch” indicates that you changed code at or near some upstream changes for the new version.

The only way to be sure is the compare the code, preferably cataloging your local changes in some form of version control, such as Git or Subversion.

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With diff -u with clean path (not installed) and the ““updated version”” no diff (only config php)

But in the back office I see new plugins such as js pdf (it works)