Problems displaying several articles

My site is multilingual(en_US, ro_RO, fr_FR) and multijournal(4) and is new created with ojs 2.4.6 updated from 2.4.5.
I have a strange problem: (5 articles from 35 totals including archive, from one journal)
When I click from table of content, on some article, the article-page is not correct display. Some display nothing, some display header, some display header with selector-language.
One of them is not display indifferent of language selected but others are displayed ok only whith one or two language selected.
This happens only for unregistered users. If I’m logged as manager, or editor all the articles are displayed normal.

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I’ve seen a similar situation where some of our multilingual data was malformed or missing and this caused a fatal PHP error. Can you check the error log to see if this is the case?

It can also be helpful to view the HTML source in this case. You’ll often find that it truncates unexpectedly. Comparing the truncated output with normal output from another page can help point to what OJS was trying to do when the error occurred.

No error php but please look here:

now is working (in english) but title correct is with SOVEREIGNTY not SOVER. IF truncate the title to SOV link is working with all 3 languages.
With title PARADOXES OF HOBBESIAN SOVEREIGNTY link not working and is blocked at

meta name=“DC.Date.modified” scheme=“ISO8601” content="

Another link with problems is (first article on table of contents) (not working in english, but ok romanian and french)
I don’t try to change title.

It looks to me that the page truncates the ro_RO and fr_FR at:

<meta name="DC.Date.issued" scheme="ISO8601" content="

This would point to a problem with evaluating the publication date for the Issue in those locales. Can you check that in the Issue metadata?


But ohers articles are truncated onother places and what happens whith modificatios of titles?

And when is working (logged as manager):

Does the issue metadata look normal when you switch to each of the Form Languages?

One other thought that might account for the odd collection of ways the error appears or doesn’t (such as editing a title): Can you check Journal Setup step 3, section 3.2? There are some new options for how OJS defaults the copyright information. Are these options set?

Nothing is checked Journal Setup step 3, section 3.2.
Metadata issue look normal sometimes: (but article is not displayed)
but only in english and only romanian and french.
The majority of the other articles are displayed normal in the all 3 languages.

Try selecting the appropriate options in Journal Setup Step 3, section 3.2, particularly for “Copyright Holder” and “Base new article’s copyright year on” options. That may resolve part of the problem, and will certainly prevent some future problems.

Your page dies in the middle of outputting the language selection options, which is very odd. There should be PHP errors in your server’s log about this. You may be able to get them to display on screen if you turn display_errors = On in

I’ll try and I’ll keep you posted. Thanks very much for the time you have given me

Problem solved :sunglasses:

WARNING: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system’s timezone settings. You are required to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function.

Many thanks for your help!!!