Problems after upgrade OJS from 3.2.1-2 to 3.3.0-8

Description of issue or problem I’m having:

After upgrade OJS from 3.2.1-2 to 3.3.0-8 i’m receiving some error when i try to perform some basic tasks in OJS.

For example, when i try to upload a file i receive the following error:


When i click on Workflow option the screen loads forever.


Anyone could help me?

  1. Sign in with another browser.
  2. Use the administration panel in English for now.
  3. Clear the cache.
  4. Reload the language file.

Please share the result with us.

Given your screenshots you seem to have a problem with permissions on your cache folder. My Spanish is bad, but “Permissao neglada in …” seems to translate to “Permission denied …”.

As written by @kerimsarigul try to clear the cache first. However, if your webserver has no permission to overwrite it it will also not be allowed to delete it. Check the permissions of /var/www/ojs-3.3.0-8/cache/ and the folders within. Clear all existing files in cache (not the folders!). If you do it via the admin interface you have to make sure that your webserver is allowed to delete these files (user/group permissions).

If you have superuser permissions the follwoing (please double check before executing) should work:

# No taking any responsibility 
(cd /var/www/ojs-3.3.0-8/cache/ && find . -type f -exec rm {} \;)
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