Problems adding new chapter to an anthology

I am testing the OMP and have come across a single problem that I hope you can solve. In my test setup, I have published an anthology where the entire book can be downloaded via a link in the right menu while the individual chapters’ pdf files are downloaded via a link under the chapter title. It works fine, the problem arises if I, after publishing, need to add a new chapter. Here I cannot prevent the link to the new chapter’s pdf file from appearing in the right menu, where the link to the entire book is located. How do I get it to show up under the chapter title like the other chapter files?
I have uploaded the new chapter as a chapter manuscript yet it appears in the right menu.

anthology error

Niels Erik

Hi @nef

Hmmm… I am not sure this is the best way, but I managed it so: I uploaded it as publication format (and approved it), then selected that file when creating/editing the chapter.
How did you try to do it?

EDIT: I am using the latest version 3.3, will try to check/see if that has changed…


Hi @bozana
It seems to work fine now. Thank you.
Niels Erik