Problem with visualisation of DOI

Problem with visualisation of DOI.
Until June 2018, the Santiago de Compostela University Press assigned DOI to articles with the pattern %j.%v.%i.%a. From then on we assigne DOI to galleys with the pattern %j.%v.%i.%g. As a result of this change, we have a problem of visualization of the DOI in the OJS public interface: OJS does not show the DOI of articles assigned until June, but shows instead a DOI of galley that was not assigned and therefore does not exist. Could you tell us how to solve this problem?

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Hi @Enrique_Manuel_Touce

What OJS version are you using?

It is not safe to use that pattern for galley %j.%v.%i.%g, if you have used or are still using the pattern %j.%v.%i.%a. It could lead to the not unique DOIs because the galley ID (%g) can be the same as an article ID (%a), which would lead to the same DOIs for different objects.

Do you then now, from June 2018 on, assign DOIs to both, articles and galleys?

Could you maybe provide a link to your journal?


Our OJS version is

From June 2018 on we only assign DOI of galleys. Reading your answer we have realized our error and already know what the solution is.

Thank you so much.