Problem with version

I’m not sure what went wrong: we upgraded from version 2.4 X.X and something is propably missing. T When any published paper is clicked, only title, authors, summary and the link to HTML are shown. Unfortunately the html-link is broken. When I open the users, there’s nothing, and the same with roles. I’m able (after installing QuickSubmitPlugin) to create a new publication, but it doesn’t show any info.

We’re running at

There’s some basic thing that’s missing but I can’t figure out what it is.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


I tried to access your menus but they do not show any content. Maybe you should try to do upgrade again and check if mistakes occur again.

Hi vvucic,

the update to was done yesterday (from, until then the contents could be seen. On version for example the plugin QuickSubmit didn’t work properly


I suggest that you could do the following:

  1. Use your backup copy of OJS and make it default on server
  2. Upgraded copy of OJS put on local comp and when possible patches are applied you can move it on server
  3. on OJS try to install Quick Submit plugin and do upgrade procedure although you do not upgrade whole OJS, and check whether QuickSubmit plugin will work. Please be more explicit what happens with QuickSubmit plugin. Does it exist in /plugins/generic folder etc…