Problem with the Site

The site has fall down, now i’ve a white page; are there some upgrade that i have to do?

White page is usually recoverable. WHat you have done before it worked normally? DId you delete some folder or deleted subfloders in /cache or so?

on, i’didn’t delete file. i’ve just find the page withe.
''ve fear tath the problem coul be some upgrade thath i’ve to do

Please check php error log and post it here.


There are no error, or i can’t find it.
the site is

Have you done upgrade or you are planning to do it?

i dint’ touch the site, from saturday it just appear withe i dont’know what happen

Can you share link of that site so I can check?
Thank you very much

Do you have an option to enter server and chek are all files there?
Please check php error log since white pages is mostly related to php error.