Problem with Submissions (OJS 3.1)

Recently I upgraded to the new OJS 3.1. Since then, I’m experiencing a problem with the New Submissions area which we didn’t have with the older one (3.0.2). It is right at the beginning. In the first step (Start), authors choose Language, Section, mark the Submissions requirements and then, after clicking on “Save and continue”, the system stops here as if it were charging, but nothing happens. Any idea?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @mendozric,

What do you get in your PHP error_log? This information would be necessary to find out what went wrong and what is to be done to make it work again.

Hi @anupent,
Before copypasting the Error Log: Should I skip any information for security reasons or I just can copypaste what it is shown there? I’m not an expert. Thanks!

Are there any lines that read “fatal error”?

No. Just “PHP Deprecated”, “PHP Warning”, and “PHP Strict Standards”

In that case, the most likely cause would be that the upgrade was not complete.

I suggest you increase the php timeout limit to something like 180 seconds and retry upgrading from your previous backup.

Thanks, @anupent,
I’ll try to go back to the older version. Everything was functioning correctly there and this upgrade only has brought problems. Thanks again!

There are a lot of new features in the latest version. So, I suggest you do not give up and try until you succeed.

best regards,