Problem with submission delete in OJS

I have problem with delete one submission. When I try to delete it - there is message: “The requested resource was not found”. How to delete this single submission directly from tables in database? I have found 13 tables with “submission” in the name. Which tables should I edit? It is safe for rest content of submissions?
I use OJS ver.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Please delete template and data cache and reload page and see is submission maybe deleted already.

Thanks for advice, but web browser cache is not a problem in my

  I have try this solution many times.

I did not speak about web browser cache. You can delete template cache and data cache in Administration part that you will fin on left menu.

Please post phperror log here.

OK. My mistake. I misunderstood the previous advice.

  Unfortunately, after clearing data and template cache (in

Administration part) and reload page, there is still the same
problem and error. I will try to find the php error log and post
it here.

Hi @sutowski,

I’d recommend debugging the problem (first by tracking down your PHP error log) rather than trying to delete everything manually in the database – that approach is likely to leave a few things lying around that could cause trouble later.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team