Problem with static pages

Hi, I created a new static page called abstracting & indexing.

However, I cannot preview it. When I click on “preview” I am sent directly to the journal’s main page.
Neither can I see the new static page on the list of “unassigned menu items”. I would like to add this new static page under section “About”. How can I do this?

Hi @paula.r.puente,

Which version of the OJS are you using (please always include that info)?

On older version of the OJS you have to create a menu item that is a link to the custom page.
In newer versions (I guess after 3.1.1) you can create a menu item of the type ‘Custom page’ directly.

Regards, Primož

I just know it is version 3. I have just taken over the editorial team and I am totally new at this. I managed to create the static page (see picture) but I cannot see it in the list of items to rearrange the tabs.