Problem with search in Journal Page

I install mpg theme on my ojs. this theme have a seachbox in the top navigation bar. when i search through this searchbox, since I set the ojs to redirect to my hournal page, it want show result in the following link:

which seems is not exist. how can i add this section or page to this theme?


It seems unlikely that a theme plugin would cause the change in functionality you are describing. Can you confirm that this problem goes away if you change the theme back to one of the standard themes?

Also, is the theme plugin you are referencing the “Mason Publishing Group theme”?

Dear ctgraham

thanks for your attention.

Yes i use “Mason Publishing Group theme”.
I changed theme to its default, but the default one has not the mentioned serachbox. but when I enter the address which I said (http://localhost/index.php/[journal_name]/seach/seach), it do not work yet and it redirect to journals homepage.

is there any way to define this page?


Dear ctgraham

after that i check defualt theme, to ensure i reinstall ojs. and this time every thing is OK. I don’t know what i did before, but its seem i corrupted something. now every thing is OK.

thanks so mush for your attention.