Problem with registration page

Hello to everyone,

I faced with a new problem in registration page. cloud you please help me.

with best regards,

I have tried and I solve the loading of the page but still I see some warnings.

Hi @Naqibullah_Asadi_Kar,

check the file and disable displaying errors:

; Debug Settings ;


; Display a stack trace when a fatal error occurs.
; Note that this may expose private information and should be disabled
; for any production system.
show_stacktrace = Off

; Display an error message when something goes wrong.
display_errors = Off

; Display deprecation warnings
deprecation_warnings = Off

; Log web service request information for debugging
log_web_service_info = Off

; declare a cainfo path if a certificate other than PHP’s default should be used for curl calls.
; This setting overrides the ‘curl.cainfo’ parameter of the php.ini configuration file.
; cainfo = “”

Regards, Primož