Problem with PDF Toolbar

I have a journal that is showing the EXACT same article title for every generated PDF on the system (all volumes, all articles) It is taking data from an article published in 2004 (Issue 3). However it only started to do this in Issue 15 (2016). They now have Issue 16 published, the properties all show this one article from the one article published in 2004. The problem is that the PDF tool header shows this 2004 title and not the actual title. ojsPDFtool1ojsPDFtool002

Any idea where or how I can fix this problem for PDF document properties generator?

Journal: Linguistica Antverpiensia, New Series – Themes in Translation Studies

Please check in software that you use for generating pdf files.

Okay, after working back and forth with the editors I have determined that somehow, when working with an author’s submission, the title, author etc., became coded in the properties of the normal.doc and so each and every article that was printed into pdf retained the same settings.

So the issue does not lie with OJS!

Yes, indeed. Some my colleagues have had similar issue and they have found the issue in teh document settings for the first pdf template file.