Problem with image

On my development server I uploaded an image in “Additional Content” and it looks good but when I access from another place the image is not shown.

When I look at the path of the image I see the following:

<img src = "/ojs/public/site/images/admin/02.png">
does not refer to my base_url.

While for example the path of the logo image does use my base_url:
<img src = "http://mysite/public/journals/1/pageHeaderLogoImage.jpg">

What should I do to make my image show correctly? I’m using OJS 3.

What specific version of OJS 3 are you using? Do you have multiple journals configured with different base_url[] entries in, or just one base_url entry in

@ctgraham, thanks for answering me but I already resolved, I left the images as:
<img src = "/public/site/images/admin/02.png">
and so it is loaded correctly anywhere
Thank you