Problem with HTML article image slider

Hi everyone. I have a problem with inserting an image slider into the article’s html file.
I would like to point out that given the nature of the journal we need to accompany the article with many images.
Until a few weeks ago, the hybrid system I used was this: I prepared the slider with an external service “JSSOR Slider” which allowed me to export the minimized HTML code capable of working autonomously (i.e. without having to load folders); I copied the exported code into the HTML file with an editor and, finally, I uploaded the HTML file to the galley, also uploading the image files.
An example of the result can be seen at this address
JSSOR which I had subscribed to for a few months is no longer reachable without any communication. I’ve looked for alternative sliders but they all require folder uploads.
Is there a plugin that allows you to do this? Does anyone use another method?
Consider that each article needs 8/10 images with relative caption.
Thanks to anyone who has a solution