Problem with 3.3.0 installation

Hello, I tried to install OJS 3.3.0, but I get the error ‘The directory specified for uploaded files does not exist or is not writable.’

The root directory is: https://xxxx/joaquin

So I created the directory ‘files’: https://xxxx/joaquin/files

But I got the error described. After that I moved ‘files’ to:


But doesn’t work either.
Where the directory should be?

Besides, in the instalation screen I see this information. Should all items be ‘YES’?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Jvil,

The files directory needs to be outside of your web root, see here for detailed instructions:

The t_cache and db directories also need to be writable like the other ones.

PKP Team

Solved. Thank you @rcgillis !

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