Problem Upgrading to OJS


My domain, , currently uses OJS I tried to upgrade the site to by manually uploading the new version to the server (i.e., following the “1. Full Package” option in your upgrade instructions page). However, when I try to upgrade the database, after switching the installation “off” in the configuration file as recommended, I get an internal server error. I contacted my host about the issue, and especially asked for the entries from the server error log as has been suggested in this forum before. This is what they gave me:

[Sun Nov 01 10:48:17.810426 2015] [core:error] [pid 734730:tid 140335741056768] [client] Script timed out before returning headers: index.php, referer:

Please suggest a solution. If this is related to server memory, please let me know how much memory I should ask them to allot for the site.

Thanks in advance.

To clarify, you switched the installation off, then were able to navigate to the site’s install and then upgrade page, correct? You didn’t immediately get an internal server error?

The message your host has provided indicates a execution timeout. Try increasing the PHP and Apache timeouts to bypass this (you may need your host admin’s assistance):

Thanks for the reply.

After switching the installation off, I visited the home page and clicked on the upgrade link. Only then did I get the internal server error. The home page opened without any issues.

I shall request my host to increase the PHP and Apache time outs. I am on a shared server, and am not sure how much they will be ready to increase. Would you suggest any specific values to which I should request them to increase these values?

Thanks once again for your time.

I don’t personally have a suggestion for the timeout value. Generally, the time required for the upgrade will depend on how large your database is and how much processor power has been allocated to your machine.

Ok. Thank you. Shall get back here once I hear from my host.