Problem to open articles in PDF, routed to the index

Good Afternoon,

The problem is the next; in some articles (in this example the second and fifth article ) no open the file pdf but routed to index, however only when I am connected to the user "manager " i can to open the article (with the user “administrator” i don´t can open the article).

The URL:

In the start more articles were damaged, but were corrected by loading them again , but now these articles are still damaged.

if they have a possible solution would greatly appreciate.

As an Editor, compare the article status of of a working article to a non-working one. I suspect you will find that non-working articles are not recognized as “Published”.

If so, you may be able to correct this by re-recording the status in the article’s Editing → Scheduling section; or, this may require manual database intervention.

See this previous discussion in the old forum:

Thank you very Much, it’s correct. I corrected the problem with a manual database intervention and i changed the “status” of the article.

fixed Problem =D.