Problem migrating OJS 3.1.0

Hi all

I try update from to 3.1.0 but when i executed the upgrade it stays in an infinite loop checking if Unable to find a match for a file and not continue updating the database this is the message:

WARNING: Unable to find a match for “2580-9654-1-RV.docx” in “path to files”

thanks for the help

This happened to me. I searched, for example, for 2580-9654 and found the directory. Then I included a blank file that I created in the folder. This made it work.
File finished with RV, should be in the reviews folder, finished with SM, in the original folder, and ED, in the editor folder.
Hope this helps.

Hi Adriano

thanks I apply this fix pkp/pkp-lib#2942 fix infinite loop in upgrade if file is missing by bozana · Pull Request #1635 · pkp/ojs · GitHub and then i executed again the script upgrade and work it