Problem logging in to the site after installing the "shibboleth plugin"

I installed the shibboleth plugin today.
After installing this plugin, I cannot log in or signup to the site.
Please guide me how can i fix this problem.


This can happen if the plugin is enabled, but not configured (bug reported here).

If you have access to the database, you can disable the plugin manually there. Look for the setting_name in the plugin_settings table with the value of “enabled” and the plugin_name matching the shibboleth plugin. This setting_value can be changed to 0, or the row removed, to disable the plugin.

You may need to remove the files in the cache directory (specifically, the plugin settings cache file for the shibboleth plugin) for the change to be immediately effective.

Alternately, you can remove the plugin files themselves (from plugins/generic/shibboleth), which will allow access again. You’ll need to make the database change or wait for the bug to be fixed in the plugin in order to add the files again.

Thank you.
Our site issue has been fixed.
With respect
Ali Akbar

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