Problem installing OJS in spanish

I try to set OJS instalation to Spanish only.

1 - I changed the values in the config.inic.php but this has no effect
; Default locale
locale = es_ES

2 - In Website Setting / languages if i set Spanish as primary Language and disable English I have the following problems:

In the home page the menus “Current”, “Archive”, Announcement", “About” are still in English.
In all the forms I have 2 field for languaje in the text fields (I don’t want English).

How can I do to get the home page menus in spanish and to have only one language?


Please check is OJS fully translated into Spanish.


Sorry I cannot understand your answer.
Everythings seems correstly in Spanish Exept the menus in the home page???


Please use translation plugin and check your translations.

Nothing to see with translations. Translations are correct…

The new funcionality Website / Navigation Menu do not actualize correctly the languages and only US_EN is displayed.

It seems to me that something is missing since I do have on one journal correctly displayed language but some keys are missing.
Maybe there is something missing that connects menu with some locales but with some do not connect in OJS 3.1.0-1
I think @asmecher can help in that.

I solve the problem editing each menu’s entries and adding the Spanish translation in the Website / Navigation Menu screen. The Spanish text for each menu item was empty

As I suggested, translation was not completed. Good luck!

For future references, you can download and install (unzip) the last es_ES translation here:

In OJS 3.2 (January) we will be able to use weblate that will let us have es_ES and ca_ES up to date.

If somebody like to join to the translation team, please send me a private message to marc.bria(add) or via this forum.