Problem in submission

Hey everyone,

I have a problem with submission in my Ojs… I check the file permissions, but they’re ok, with 777 permissions… When i click in transfer the archive for server, nothing happened. In localhost, simulated with xampp, everything is fine, transfer is ocurring, but in the server not. Someone help me…

System Informations:

folders in server:

Is your files_dir really off of the system root? The line files_dir = "/" seems unlikely. Perhaps this should be relative to your OJS install
files_dir = "../../ojs_files"
or absolute in a vhost directory
files_dir = "/var/www/"

You should avoid 777 permissions when possible. You want the webserver to be able to read and write to very specific directories (public, files_dir, cache) and for most files and directories to not be writable by the webserver. Generally, 777 permissions are a security risk.