Problem https ojs

Good morning PKP community.
We have a problem with the https configuration but we did not find the fault, could you help us?
Thanks in advance - VAD. veredes, arquitectura y divulgación

Hi @AlbertoAO,

Is force_ssl config setting turned on?


Yes, We’ve tried everything. With force_ssl config turned on and turned off.

The problem seems to be something related with an error loading the less file when requesting the https from the browser, which says that the$$$call$$$/page/page/css?name=less

Couldn’t be loaded

Debugging shows:

"error_code":"2 (INTERNAL_ERROR)","stream_id":5


"description":"Server reset stream.","net_error":"ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR","stream_id":5

There is something wrong with your server configuration.

Thanks for your help!

It happens to be that the ‘content-length’ was being miscalculated. Deactivating the gzip did the trick.