Problem activating LOCKKS / problema para activar LOCKKS

I am tryin to activate LOCKK but it doesnt work.
I agreed all the PKP PLN Plugin - Settings but a week later our journal status is: The PKP PLN does not know about this journal yet.
I don’t know what more i can do.
Our OJS version is 2.4.8 and our http is HYBRIDA. Revue scientifique sur les hybridations culturelles et les identités migrantes

Buenas, estamos intentando activar LOCKSS en nuestra revista.
Activamos el plugin y aceptamos las condiciones pero una semana después seguimos sin aparecer como incluídos.
No sé si debemos hacer algo más o si tenemos algún problema por algo que no hayamos activado.
Agradecería algo de ayuda.
Muchas gracias

Hello @josevcia,

Please note that the requirement for use of the PKP PN plugin is version 3.1.2 or higher: PKP Preservation Network - I would recommend upgrading your OJS instance (preferably to the most recent version (3.3). Once you upgrade, and if you still run into issues, I’d recommend consulting the troubleshooting guide here first: GitHub - pkp/pln as well as the documentation: PKP Preservation Network

You may find the following resources helpful in preparing for and performing the upgrade:

These resources will introduce you to OJS 3 and how it is different from OJS 2:

You may need to seek professional support to upgrade your installation. This can usually be acquired from the service provider that hosts or maintains your software, such as the technical support team at your institution or a third-party hosting provider.

PKP Team